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We take a creative approach to freeze-drying food so that you can enjoy the delicious results!

A product as simple as a piece of chewy candy can transform into a mouth watering tasty treat that can satisfy anyone's sweet tooth!

FREEZE DRYING: Freeze-drying causes very little change to the nutritional value of fresh food. Nearly all nutrients prior to the process are preserved and the food looks and tastes like it did when fresh. The quality, cost, taste, and natural goodness are all controlled with a freeze dryer.

CANNING: The nutritional value of fresh food is minimally changed in canning.  However nutrient loss, change of color or texture, or limitations on what can be canned make it very different from the freeze-drying process.

DEHYDRATING: The process of dehydrating food affects the taste, color, and nutrition, leaving nearly half of the nutritional value. Herbs lose volatile oils when dehydrated but preserve those oils in freeze-drying.

STORE-BOUGHT FOOD STORAGE: has an extremely limited shelf life compared to freeze-dried foods. Proper storage of course is key, but we will handle all of that for you and let you know how best to enjoy your freeze-dried foods.